Friday, June 15, 2007

Shared Isolation

I had a very strange Remote Viewing dream. The dream showed me the Earth as a 'prison planet' and the children being born as ET's. When I say ET's, what I mean is that they come from all over to learn. I was given the impression that disturbed spirits are being sent here and that all this is happening for a reason.

There are 'watchers' who make sure the prison stays the way it is. Although rogue elements are trying to break man free. The problem with breaking free is that as disturbed as the spirits are it is not such a good idea to go wandering around right now, and part of the reason is for the spirit's own protection. The universe can be a dangerous place, and disturbed spirits are an easy defenseless target.

Anyway, the prison planet has its own reason. Part of that reason is what is coming. There is a big energy wave about to hit the planet and this is a learning experience for all these spirits. Some of them may even waken up on account of being in that energy wave.

A few ET civilisations, and other dimensions, have sent their sick spirit people down to earth to go through the great dying experience and the energy transformation of the earth's polar field. Due to the nature of the experiment the wise ones are not guiding the planet, the sick ones are in control.

There always comes a point where the young crows in the nest have to learn to fly. The wise ones cannot fly for them. Although there are a few disguised wise ones on earth to herald this energy transformation, they are also a bit mad (in disguise); because the whole point is that the sick ones learn to govern themselves.

As a result of the teachers being away and the classroom is free, the crazy spirits are throwing stuff at each other and are living in general chaos waiting for the teacher to come back into the room. If you are wise you can step out of that mindframe and figure out who you are.

It is not really so much that the children being born are wise Indigo children. They are spirit beings with the potential to work with the transforming energies or mess up again. It is not the spirit children who are different, it is the energy that is different. The beings incarnate on planet earth can either keep messing up and being sick or they can change how they behave.

The change in behaviour is not a one off situation. The behaviour problems are old problems that keep coming up because the spirits involved do not change how they go about living in the physical realms. The initial mistakes get repeated over and over again simply because the spirits do not correct them.

Prison planet is also freedom planet - when the people free their spirit energies. Everyone is in the same boat, only some people are aware of the boat's vulnerabilty and others are not aware. This is a clean up potential, not for the earth; but for the spirits on the earth.

When you stop misbehaving you start to have visisons, and things become clear. But it is your behaviour that is clouding the waters. What was Sauron's downfall? His behaviour. What was Saruman's downfall? His behaviour. What made Gandalf strong? His behaviour.

People are not free because they do not feel free. They restrict each others freedom, because they are not free. This moves around in circles. There is also a lot of background anger at being stuck down here, because there are a few ET spirits who are used to better things. Until the planet goes through its transition the Earth is a shared isolation area.

On another level entirely the Earth has been a successful nest for many other civilisations. In that sense the earth is like a crow's nest where generations of crows are born and either leave the nest or die.

The first step is for people to realise we are a shared dream and that failure is not an option. The next step is for people to work together. The last step is for people to learn to fly BEFORE they leave the planet. The healing process could potentially create highly advanced spirits, which is probably the intention. But you have to work at the situation at hand to get there.

This is a cooperation that has to take place, and the off-world groups who are trying to stop it taking place are the next wave of sickness of their world. In some ways the ones who got sick first are searching for a solution while the people who sent them here are themselves beginning to ge sick.

The Guardians are watching over everyone. The wise ones know the problems coming to the off-world races and the antidote is being prepared.
We are that antidote.