Sunday, June 03, 2007

Orgone Dream Codex

This is where I dream my dreams. Where I connect the soul's dream across the ages, never losing the golden thread of reality. What is reality? When a child is born, the physical world sees a physical child. The mind of the dreamer sees a chamber, a time portal. Birth from the chamber brings another time traveller onto the earth. The time traveller is the soul, although we don't get to see the soul (at this point).

The entry through the portal chamber begins with forming a vehicle for the time traveller (the soul). Once the interaction vehicle has formed, the time traveller makes an entry into life. They are visitors. They are here to learn. The occupant of the vehicle is more than the physical vehicle.

The time traveller passes through stages of growth as part of a unique visitor experience. However, if the culture has forgotten who they are and why they are here, the unique experience can be a rough ride. Dreamers are not here to mess around and mess up the host planet. Dreamers enter through the time portal chamber to interact with the creator force, while experiencing the physical life matrix.

The 'Orgone Dream Codex', is a very small part of dream consciousness; but we have to start somewhere. The place to start is within. The birthing chambers all over the earth are under a state of siege. Considering this is the entry point for the soul's time travel experience, the siege can only mean one thing: That humanity is carrying out the designs of a very old enemy who has gained some level of control on earth. Humans are at divided and at war, because people have forgotten who they really are.

It is difficult for the logical matrix to understand that dreams are real, a lot more real than the fragmented way we live now. The future is the past, and the past is the future, and both meet perfectly in the now. There is no death and there is no birth, there is experience. Planet earth is a kiva with many doors. I will go into this in more detail in The Master of The Vortex. The many doors of the earth kiva allow the spirit people to enter and leave. The spirit is the eternal dream and physical existence is the short dream.

All your sorrows and all your tears are an experience of the physical dream in which mankind has lost touch with his origins. However, the Ancestors are guiding us from the future and the past. The Ancestors are an aspect of mankind in a state of knowing who they are and why they exist. The current global amnesia is like a bad nightmare. It cannot last and people will waken up, because the nighmare is sewn together out of a cheap material, full of holes and deteriorating fast.

The people who have completely forgotten who they are (have lost their dreams), will start to cry when the cheap, fake material they bought into falls apart. The reality is what it is, and the cheap weave of the cloth is coming apart at the seams. This is a nightmare that cannot last - it has no power - other than the power to deceive. The people who positioned themselves to benefit from selling the cheap material have deceive themselves, by buying into the badly sewn together nightmare. They get 'shares' in the production.

Our true ancestors are guiding us from the future and from the past. As I said, we are those ancestors in other lives - time travellers - the soul is a time traveller. Round about now it is time for the time travellers to waken up.

The comet seed bringing cosmic life to mother earth is the father, and the inter dimensional time portal or chamber is the mother's womb. It is long overdue that the inhabitants of Ea found respect for these non-personal cosmic processes of life. These are dynamics of life, of which we are a part.

The seeding of life is a time travellers journey. We are capable, when we are awake, of connecting to our past and our future. In the larger sense it is one journey. The time traveller comes and goes through the entrances and exits of the great kiva, the earth. Some come from other planets and dimensions. We are a many nations family.

The experiment down here on the earth is that we all live together in peace and harmony. There are enemies of mankind who do not want that to happen. What they want and what they don't want is irrelevant, because what you do makes life what it is on planet earth. You decide whether this experiment is going to work or not. That means you decided: peace of war. Enlightenment or destruction.