Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Small Force BIG Reality

That's funny! Here I am again at 11:11 PM .. I find that very funny *-)

Here we are a very small number of people .. artists .. and apparently a small number of people cannot effect this very large world. Like .. 10 people are "powerless" in a mass world of billions of people. We have no effect on the world .. we have no influence!

As an ARTIST .. let me tell you something!
We do not WANT to have an INFLUENCE on the WORLD ...

To put this in perspective .. we all live on a giant massive Planet orbiting an even more massive Sun. You live on this Planet! Do you feel the pressure? Do you feel the INFLUENCE? Does the Earth pressure you? Do you feel the gravity of the Sun?

Let us take this a step further to the Earth orbiting the Sun moving within the greater orbit [influence] of a Galaxy .. and you live and walk within that smaller and greater system. Do you feel the pressure of the greater Planet Earth orbiting the Sun? Do you feel the Sun moving within the larger Galaxy?

As little as you are .. as a little person in a BIG Universe .. the same forces move through your body as the force moving through the Planet and moving through the Universe! You could say "love" or you could say "compassion" .. it is all the same phenomenon.

What is ART? What is LOVE? What is COMPASSION?

Small Force BIG Reality
Mass is strength... IS MASS STRENGTH ?? If you look at a tree .. western science tells you physical mass is the strength of the tree. Well .. guess what? The Invisible World tells me that space [energy] is the real strength of the tree.

An example of this lies within your own physical body! Where the unseen invisible undetected space between the joints creates strength of the whole physical body. Where space = a work of art of Nature! I wonder if that makes sense?

Western science worships DENSITY...

True ART realises [understands] that density and form are variables of frequency and energy.

The smallest nano-particle supports the largest physical structure! Then they [the Masters] tell me the reason why base density physical structures fall apart and disintegrate during earthquakes. It is because the high energy frequencies have no space to pass through the dense physical mass. As a result the extreme high energy vibrates and "explodes" from within due to the pressure.

In other words: When small cannot support the large physical? Matter disintegrates.

Everything I am describing to you is ART.

Which brings us back to "Small Force BIG Reality" .. and the impossible question is? Which is stronger and which is weaker? Is the small tiny nano-force strong? Is the big dense force strong? Who is the strongest?

Do you really think small / tiny micro nano-particles want to influence you?

Of course they do not want to influence you .. but their orbital Qi can effect you.

The effect of the small on the large is? RELATIONSHIP!

You fall asleep and you have relationship with the sleep / dream dimensions. You waken up and you have relationship with the physical dimensions. In the background you have relationship with the Qi energy dimensions. All working together in a seamless connection where physical reality and energy / spirit are ONE.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Balance of Dragon Qi

Two Levels: Balance & Taming Qi Dragon
I don't know where this Dragon came from! If I had to sit and think or imagine how to draw this Dragon .. I could not do it. Using the artistic mind you suddenly see the drawing in its entirety and putting the lines onto paper is an act of psychic integrity and inner focus.

The artist is really the Master of movement. Art is movement in all its forms. There are artists of preparing food .. of Martial Arts .. of building structures .. artists of playing instruments and all involve movement. You draw a line on paper? You have to move. One has to command movement.

You could say that all artists are Masters of movement .. they command movement [discipline]. This is the final outcome of an inner process few people understand or pay attention to .. and this inner force or inner movement is what I call Dragon Qi.

In the first series of drawings I made I was shown that all human beings on Earth exhibit multiple variations of Dragon Qi energy pathways from the time they are born to the time they die. But .. we do not simply inherit the pathways! They accompany us from birth.

The next thing that happens to us that goes generally unnoticed is that the brain [and the body listen to us]. The spirit is incarnate within the physical form and they bring with them certain energy pathway signatures that form Dragon Qi or the movement of Dragon Qi within the body.

The human brain is plastic .. it changes .. the brain is capable of altering itself and altering neural pathways. I was show that the brain is designed to listen to the incarnate spirit and reflect or mirror the nature of the spirit within the body. It is a self-integrated system.

You like to suffer? You will suffer. Pleasure? The body will wear itself out giving it to you.

To some extent the genes have accumulated experience and perhaps fears across the space-time existence of man. However, we are constantly altering and updating that genetic information. Genetics are not a closed-loop. Genetics are designed to give a foundation and to respond to the incarnate spirit within the body.

Most important of all is the unseen background energy that powers this whole system and physical living experience. The unseen factor is the inner fire or the inner force of Dragon Qi. Every human being has their own unique pathways [cycles of inner movement] of that force.

Most people on Earth have to first learn to balance the flow of energy.

The first level is to learn [teach oneself] balance. For some reason people want to jump to the next level .. which is taming Dragon Qi. To tame the Qi one has to release it. Without balance it is not a good idea to release or even to desire to release that force. Without balance the released force will consume the human being.

Artists Are Born In Their Released Form
When an artist is born in their released form they do not have a choice if they want it or not. Some people are born right into the depths of their own being .. because of the work they have done lifetime after lifetime. By that I mean REAL ARTISTS .. and that can be someone who forges knives or someone who grows plants .. the Zen Garden.

When you are born in your released form balance is not an issue. You already dealt with balance many times on your journey across the mysteries of space-time. Getting thrown in at the deep end is another test and initiation. Balance becomes a tool in applying discipline of Taming the Inner Dragon Qi.

The artist or the master knows that relationship lies within. All relationship is not an outer experience .. it is an inner experience. How we relate to the outer world is how we relate to ourselves. Relationship is a signature of our inner Qi. This is the foundation of our relationship to the world.

Ask 100 people to draw one line and you will get 100 different lines.

The body simply mirrors our unique state .. is designed to have a direct relationship with us. The human body is a highly advanced living technology that is designed to respond to spirit. Each person uses a computer in a different way and it is the same with the spirit.

I could be wrong about this .. but it seems that Dragon Qi is the interactive force between spirit and physical matter. In a way spirit is the psyche / consciousness and Qi energy flow responds to the inner state of our consciousness.

It is not that the mind directs the flow of Qi .. but that the flow of Qi responds to our inner state. I am talking about a gentle form rather than physical active. The flow of the gentle form affects the body. People say: If you are out of balance you are not flowing with your Qi ...

I don't think so!

Every living thing is moving in accordance with its own Qi .. at its own level. It is just that some levels of energy flow are fragmented .. sometimes in chaos .. frightened .. all the different forms of emotions. At the same time each one of us is in harmony with the individual flow of Qi at any point in space-time.

First we discover inner balance and then we are ready through inner discipline to tame the Dragon Qi. That is the next impossible question that has been revealed to me. Movement as TIME. Then it gets complex: Art as movement in time.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Art of Dragon Qi

Art of Qi Dragon
As you see from my drawing I was going to call this post: Taming The Dragon .. or .. Taming The Qi Dragon. I decided for "The Art of Dragon Qi" .. because that is exactly what this is: AN ART! One does not tame - Qi [energy] Dragon without balance.

Everything in Nature is balance and everything in Nature is ART. People who do not understand art may think .. but there are ugly aspects of Nature like death! I once found the skull of a wild boar in the middle of a forest. I was off the trail and walking through the trees and suddenly lying buried in the leaves was a smooth white boar's skull with tusks.

The skull was absolutely smooth and clean. Who knows how long it lay there on the forest floor to be so clean and devoid of matter. That skull was a work of art of Nature. There is nothing ugly about death other than psychological fear.

Everything we do in life requires Dragon Qi .. which is essential sexual life force. Our body structure .. our bones .. immune system .. the blood .. walking and seeing .. listening and paying attention .. sleeping and waking all require sexual life force energy.

I saw this as an artistic form and began to draw what I was seeing .. while at the same time some mysterious force was teaching me deeper understanding of human balance or human imbalance. Let's take the human psyche. Western science think there is something physically wrong when humans have mental / psychological dysfunction of the brain.

Why do I say Western science think the imbalance is physical? Because they treat the imbalance with drugs that are physical and that have physiological effects. But in reality .. the problem is an energy imbalance (electrical) that itself creates physiological symptoms and physical reactions.

I was shown by this mysterious force that all humans on Earth are variations of many kinds of inner electrical energy orbits [Qi] .. and that as a result people experience various patterns of Qi circulation. That very few people are taught or even consider the: Art of Taming Dragon Qi.

Not only are we born with unique inner energy orbits [Dragon Qi] .. but inside our relationship with ourselves and relationship with the incarnate body we influence those energy flows to some extent. It is not really that we influence the Qi Dragon Flow .. but that the Sexual Qi alters its flow in relation to our inner attitude.

Everything in life is inner attitude.

Then I was shown that human thought tells us we can DIRECT sexual life force [Dragon Qi]. All we need to know is how to direct the Qi force and we can direct it! Buddha Mind! You are one with the force *-)

In reality .. the Ancient Masters were MASTERS of Qi BECAUSE they did not DIRECT it!! Zen Mind .. Zen Bones! You do not direct the flow of Qi .. but the flow of Qi directs you .. and all you need is balance! This is so simple and so powerful.

I post this here because Dragon Qi is about the Art of Living.

Taming Bamboo Dragon Qi
In this image you see my bamboo Qi Stick on which I burned a elongated yin yang symbol using a soldering iron. First I have to say that I know how to use a soldering iron.

The most important aspect burning the yin yang symbol onto the bamboo was experiencing the relationship between the Bamboo Dragon Qi and the heat of the soldering iron Dragon Qi... Then add to this my own Dragon Qi in relation to the bamboo and the heat of the soldering iron.

Not only is the surface of the bamboo curved making it difficult to apply pressure and heat at one point and move along the surface of the bamboo .. but bamboo is highly resistant to heat and burning [unlike wood].

Here you have three energy forms interacting: My own Qi energy directing and applying the heat energy and directing the bamboo energy. Together we form a triangle. Recently I am on a secret mission to understand physical form [structure] with energy and balance .. but I wont talk about that yet ...

In burning the yin yang symbol onto the surface of the Bamboo Qi Stick I had to apply the Art of Dragon Qi and I had to TAME the Bamboo Dragon Qi. A subtle but powerful concept / understanding of Mind Relationship and Nature.

I could not use force to tame the Bamboo Dragon Qi ...

If you take a heat and apply it with force to the surface of bamboo .. the smooth surface repels the heat iron with ease. It is not force but gentleness that allows the heat and the outer heat resistant bamboo surface to interact IN BALANCE.

It is the exact same with the inner relationship of a human being with their own body. It is not force that allows the incarnate spirit to enter the mysterious Qi flow relationship within the human body .. it is love that tames Inner Dragon Qi .. and now I am off to play Subway Surfers .. Ha! Ha! Haha!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Dangerous Art Forms

True budo has no enemies...
True budo is the manifestation of love. Love never kills. Love nourishes. Love brings all things to fruition. Love is the guardian angel of all beings. If there is no love, nothing can be accomplished. Aikido is the embodiment of love.
Morehei Ueshiba
Secret Teachings of AIKIDO

Here you see a composite image of a work of art. This is a simple piece of bamboo from a local garden supply store.

First is that the mysterious forces of Nature grew this piece of bamboo this is of itself a work of art. Next is how we humans use this bamboo as a tool in our daily lives.

The large sticks of bamboo can be used to stake out and support plants .. vegetables .. food growing in the garden. The same bamboo can be used to create a Shakuhachi flute.

I burn the finger holes using a general purpose soldering iron. At the same time I have technical skills and I can safely use a soldering iron [a simple but potentially dangerous tool if you do not have the skills to use that tool].

However, this composite image is the stages of creating a bamboo Tai Chi Bang (stick) .. a dangerous art form. The Tai chi stick can be used as a gentle training form or it can be used as a weapon of defense. A bamboo flute can be used to play and create tones / music or the bamboo flute can be used as a weapon of defense.

Art can be both beautiful and dangerous!

I can draw a UFO using color pens onto a piece of photo paper .. and to certain areas of society this drawing or image is a THREAT... One can carry a hand to elbow sized piece of bamboo .. refine it .. sand it down .. oil it and in some cases use this tool as a form of defense!

Dangerous Art Forms
I carefully cut the pieces of bamboo into Tia Chi size exercise sticks. I do this as a form of art. Sometimes one side of the hollow bamboo has an open hollow side .. while the other side is closed. It all depends how you cut the bamboo.

If I have a hole .. this is not such a problem as the energetic balance of the tool transfers the flow of Qi no matter what! I have tested closed bamboo Zen Qi sticks and open bamboo Zen Qi sticks and they all seem to work equally. The hollow inside is the key / Qi!

I carefully sand down the whole bamboo to smooth using medium and then extra fine sand paper. Both ends of the bamboo chi stick have to be balanced and smooth .. like the bones inside the body. The bamboo is then covered with olive oil .. and general care of the bamboo is maintained using olive oil that slowly soaks into the structure of the bamboo over time.

The ultimate danger of bamboo is AWARENESS.

The art of Nature grows and creates bamboo .. the human being uses bamboo as a tool. The Master of Qi uses bamboo stick as a discipline. Shaolin use the bamboo stick as a form of self-defense. The body-mind connects with the synergy of bamboo to balance and heal. All of these are dangerous art forms.

The penetrating use of the mind [awareness] is a threat to mundane society.
The masterful use of the Tai Chi stick is an artistic threat to brute force society.

Artists create art forms to protect the higher mind...
The higher mind creates art forms to protect the ARTISTs ...

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

They Live In The Skies

I had this amazing dream ...
I often have very visual creatve artistic dreams! This one was not so easy to draw in pictograph form... But this drawing gives an artistic overview of form and dimensions.

I woke up in the dream as though this was a completely real world and not just a cerebral dream.

I was living in a futuristic society totally different to the one we have today. I was similar to who I am in this world now .. a spiritually compact female artist with core awareness and creative inner stability.

I was like a time-travel "visitor" to this other world ...

In the dream my current incarnation awareness was allowing me to be who I am here and experience another life. I was standing in some tall futuristic building looking out of very large windows watching an absolutely giant floating platform slowly (very slowly) cross the skies.

These floating platforms are totally normal in that world .. but I (me) got really excited seeing this !! These people live up there in the skies on those floating platforms. There are some ground cities and buildings .. but I got the feeling that most people lived on the floating platforms in the skies.

Visiting Earth ...
In the dream it seemed that people living in the skies visited the Earth cities and would spend some time down on the Planet .. but .. in general .. they prefered to live on the sky platforms.

I think I lived mostly on the giant sky platforms .. but in the dream I could only understand that world by seeing / experiencing the giant floating platforms from the Earth-view.

This may sound very idealistic :-) BUT .. there were no banks .. stocks .. investments and "sitters" making money out of social and International exchange = sharing-trade .. and Earth to platforms trade. People carried out various tasks and programs such as geology .. Earth ecology .. resource sharing and hi-tech programs as well as food and water maintenance etc.

People were very animated and creative .. and there was no money. People shared resources in such a way that there was no need for money or monetary exchange. They had some kind of hi-tech barter or direct exchange.

It was totally amazing and not exaggerated emotional like we have in this world. People were using their brains / minds in a different way on a totally new level. It was very dimensional clear and balanced. Sort of inner energy paradise of the human psyche / mind.

Art is very important in this other world. They understand the higher levels of glyphs and pictograms to convey whole multi-level concepts. People are generally very artistic! Like that geology is "an art" and ecology is "an art" .. sharing and exchange is "an art" and cooking / food is "an art".

This is all very exciting ...

You can be down on the Planet surface doing some kind of rebalancing work and you have this small earpiece and can talk telepathically to people you love on the floating sky platforms through direct-synch.

They do not have electronic stuff built into the organic human body .. because they consider this too intrusive. So, I think these people maybe came through a potential bad and dehumanizing period in their development and evolution.

Just as we humans do not have to make the mistakes of our parents or ancestors .. we now - in this world - do not have to make the mistakes of "the future". So, they come back to warn us and share with us that we can take a different path!

That is how they manifest compassion in action to transform their mistakes and karma. They change the future by altering the past. In their world there is no past .. present and future! There is only The Now!

We communicate with ourselves across the rivers of time.

Inner communication and inner balance is also "an art". I get the impression of ancient Masters who guide humans .. past .. present and future equally! Because for the Masters there is no past and future! There are frequencies and spirit vibrations / soul-signatures growing like universal light-seeds born of intelligence and compassion...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Portal

Monday, July 05, 2010

Primordial Mind

Prehistoric Sites and Decorated Caves of the Vézère Valley:
"The Vézère valley contains 147 prehistoric sites dating from the Palaeolithic and 25 decorated caves. It is particularly interesting from an ethnological and anthropological, as well as an aesthetic point of view because of its cave paintings, especially those of the Lascaux Cave, whose discovery in 1940 was of great importance for the history of prehistoric art. The hunting scenes show some 100 animal figures, which are remarkable for their detail, rich colours and lifelike quality." *#*

Why did man start to draw? They ask .. and I wonder - why do people today assume early cave drawings were made for 'supernatural' reasons? Scientists and anthropologists claim early man would worship gods, worship animals .. draw on cave walls to evoke the spirit of the hunter, to embue themselves with supernatural powers.

Perhaps one day in the future someone will look at my little friend and ask: "Why did she paint that square man?" So, before you get there let me answer you. The square man painted himself, and he did not paint himself to attain supernatural powers .. From the moment he appeared I did not like him .. what was he doing appearing in the middle of my painting.

I (the artist) looked at him and wondered how he got there. I did not like his funny shield, and I did not like his funny arm. I did not know why he had to have a square heart. I did not like his simple face. The little prehistoric soul warrior did not care whether I liked him or not. He was strong, aloof, silent and without opinion. I had to remold the rest of the painting around him.

I have to admit that I would never have achieved the perspective, powerful simplicity and prehistoric presence if I had thought about the form of the little man. That is exactly the point: I did not think. Scientists would argue that you have to think to give structure and form .. well, no you don't. Rational thought mimics structure and form. Thought measures structure and form. There is a much older part of the brain that directly connects with the reality of structure and form (free of thought).

Does the artist paint the picture or does the picture draw the artist? Like a Zen Master, when the artist is one with the line then the line draws itself. When the mind is free of thought the artists is the canvas for the soul. Thought (ego) measures structure and form, a mere shadow of the capacity within the mind to be structure and form.

The little square man bugs me because he cannot be explained. I do not know where he came from. I do not know how he appeared on the canvas. Yet, the painting is a window into that non-rational world - older and far superior to anything we are today. The square man talks to me of another world, a world we emerge from and return to when we leave our square reality. He laughs at us .. you think I am square .. you should see yourself from my perspective ..

The bison, the antelopes, tigers and the horses run wild in the spirit worlds far beyond our comprehension of all that surrounds this 3D world. When you look at our material existence from their perspective we look square ..

Sunday, February 10, 2008


"The world has changed.
I feel it in the water.
I feel it in the earth.
I smell it in the air.
Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it.".

- Galadriel, Lord of The Rings

As the earth spirals into new fields of energy all kinds of ghostly zones seep out of the basic ground of reality, and the human beings are surfers on the wave of that movement.

It depends on who you are across the bridge of time, and it depends on where you focus your mind, your intent and your heart frequencies as the wave engulfs us. Those who focus their mind outside of the natural vortex fields will not surf the growing energy wave.

The dirt and psychic pollution of mankind is being thrown out of the rocks and soil of the backgorund reality. If the reality travellers are not integrated the debris will attach itself and weigh the surfers down. Debris and human will be indistinguishable when the new energy wave curls onto planet earth.

The integrated surfer stays focused, maintains a high level of awareness and listens to the reality sea around them. To the integrated awareness the debris is unreal. Only the wave is real, the stars, the cosmos, the dynamic heart, the focused mind.

Once the wave has swept across the earth, the surfer sees a completely new inner landscape. The wave teaches them about themself, and about their relationship with themself. Everything else is an illusion.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Awakening

Hidden deep in the earth
imprisoned in the crystal cell
the Awakend ones listen
foul crushing sound
orc-man cuts and snaps
his distorted face
the last solid pine
to fall.

Wary would be mankind
if he knew the fate that awaits him
crushing stones on sandy earth
the last solid pine
to fall.

Pieces of tin in his orc shaped hands
grubbing in toxic pools for more
that is not gold
worthless greed brings man to his knees
grubbing for distorted
and mis-shapen nickel tin
in his hands
that is not even gold.

Wary would be mankind
if he knew the fate that awaits him
crushing stones on sandy earth
the last solid pine
to fall.

They come from dark lands
to cut and grub for their beggars wage
and there they will return
as their cries turn to despair
hopeless tin eyes
and tin ears
nickel plated hearts
no one hears their cries
the last solid pine to fall.

Wary would be mankind
if he knew the fate that awaits him
crushing stones on sandy earth
the last solid pine
to fall.

'We did not know!' They cried

But for the last solid pine
no one hears their tin drum
tears turned to rust
their fate bound to the crushing weight
the last solid pine to fall.

Deep beneath the earth they waited
long lost shadows of souls listening
waiting, brooding, tears long dry
above they hear
the tall giants fall
memories of long ago
faltering, they waited
long to be imprisoned in the cell
deep within the earth
waiting for
the last solid pine to fall.

Darkened minds and darkened hearts
hidden deeper than the roots of the trees
feeling every sharp blade
the crushing of every root
sacred land unprotected by the brood
agony for every tree and the changing land
sharp cut into the heart
with every blade of falling wood
in sacred lands

The elves watch and wait
trying not to hate
the tin plated rusted flesh
turning to dust
in empty sockets with a saw edged blade.

'We did not know!' They cried.

Wary would be mankind
if he knew the fate that awaits him
crushing stones on sandy earth
the last solid pine
to fall.

The hunted elf child
hidden by the trees
surrounded by the wood elves
with long bows of magic yew
the nickel plated slaves dare not leave the path
beneath the earth
the Awakened ones hear the call
the last solid pine to fall.

Wary would be mankind
if he knew the fate that awaits him
crushing stones on sandy earth
the last solid pine
to fall.

The fate of man
Odin's wood to call
the ears of metal
tin nickel sounds for the future
every branch and every leaf
falling tears of man unheard
the last solid pine and the fate of men
no one hears their last cries
no one sees them depart.

Dark as the night
bright as a star
the Awakened ones return
the sound of falling giants in their ears
and in their hearts
called from their crystal cell
men to be
heavy with the tears of wood
on sacred lands
the children of the deep
turn day to night and night to day.

Wary would be mankind
if he knew the fate that awaits him
crushing stones on sandy earth
the last solid pine
to fall.

Long have they waited
crystal stars call for their return
man cowering in stone caves
cannot escape their bright soul
a new child walks the earth
the last solid pine
to fall.

Wary would be mankind
if he knew the fate that awaits him
crushing stones on sandy earth
the last solid pine
to fall.

© Copyright, 2007 EarthStar

Friday, June 15, 2007

Shared Isolation

I had a very strange Remote Viewing dream. The dream showed me the Earth as a 'prison planet' and the children being born as ET's. When I say ET's, what I mean is that they come from all over to learn. I was given the impression that disturbed spirits are being sent here and that all this is happening for a reason.

There are 'watchers' who make sure the prison stays the way it is. Although rogue elements are trying to break man free. The problem with breaking free is that as disturbed as the spirits are it is not such a good idea to go wandering around right now, and part of the reason is for the spirit's own protection. The universe can be a dangerous place, and disturbed spirits are an easy defenseless target.

Anyway, the prison planet has its own reason. Part of that reason is what is coming. There is a big energy wave about to hit the planet and this is a learning experience for all these spirits. Some of them may even waken up on account of being in that energy wave.

A few ET civilisations, and other dimensions, have sent their sick spirit people down to earth to go through the great dying experience and the energy transformation of the earth's polar field. Due to the nature of the experiment the wise ones are not guiding the planet, the sick ones are in control.

There always comes a point where the young crows in the nest have to learn to fly. The wise ones cannot fly for them. Although there are a few disguised wise ones on earth to herald this energy transformation, they are also a bit mad (in disguise); because the whole point is that the sick ones learn to govern themselves.

As a result of the teachers being away and the classroom is free, the crazy spirits are throwing stuff at each other and are living in general chaos waiting for the teacher to come back into the room. If you are wise you can step out of that mindframe and figure out who you are.

It is not really so much that the children being born are wise Indigo children. They are spirit beings with the potential to work with the transforming energies or mess up again. It is not the spirit children who are different, it is the energy that is different. The beings incarnate on planet earth can either keep messing up and being sick or they can change how they behave.

The change in behaviour is not a one off situation. The behaviour problems are old problems that keep coming up because the spirits involved do not change how they go about living in the physical realms. The initial mistakes get repeated over and over again simply because the spirits do not correct them.

Prison planet is also freedom planet - when the people free their spirit energies. Everyone is in the same boat, only some people are aware of the boat's vulnerabilty and others are not aware. This is a clean up potential, not for the earth; but for the spirits on the earth.

When you stop misbehaving you start to have visisons, and things become clear. But it is your behaviour that is clouding the waters. What was Sauron's downfall? His behaviour. What was Saruman's downfall? His behaviour. What made Gandalf strong? His behaviour.

People are not free because they do not feel free. They restrict each others freedom, because they are not free. This moves around in circles. There is also a lot of background anger at being stuck down here, because there are a few ET spirits who are used to better things. Until the planet goes through its transition the Earth is a shared isolation area.

On another level entirely the Earth has been a successful nest for many other civilisations. In that sense the earth is like a crow's nest where generations of crows are born and either leave the nest or die.

The first step is for people to realise we are a shared dream and that failure is not an option. The next step is for people to work together. The last step is for people to learn to fly BEFORE they leave the planet. The healing process could potentially create highly advanced spirits, which is probably the intention. But you have to work at the situation at hand to get there.

This is a cooperation that has to take place, and the off-world groups who are trying to stop it taking place are the next wave of sickness of their world. In some ways the ones who got sick first are searching for a solution while the people who sent them here are themselves beginning to ge sick.

The Guardians are watching over everyone. The wise ones know the problems coming to the off-world races and the antidote is being prepared.
We are that antidote.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Orgone Dream Codex

This is where I dream my dreams. Where I connect the soul's dream across the ages, never losing the golden thread of reality. What is reality? When a child is born, the physical world sees a physical child. The mind of the dreamer sees a chamber, a time portal. Birth from the chamber brings another time traveller onto the earth. The time traveller is the soul, although we don't get to see the soul (at this point).

The entry through the portal chamber begins with forming a vehicle for the time traveller (the soul). Once the interaction vehicle has formed, the time traveller makes an entry into life. They are visitors. They are here to learn. The occupant of the vehicle is more than the physical vehicle.

The time traveller passes through stages of growth as part of a unique visitor experience. However, if the culture has forgotten who they are and why they are here, the unique experience can be a rough ride. Dreamers are not here to mess around and mess up the host planet. Dreamers enter through the time portal chamber to interact with the creator force, while experiencing the physical life matrix.

The 'Orgone Dream Codex', is a very small part of dream consciousness; but we have to start somewhere. The place to start is within. The birthing chambers all over the earth are under a state of siege. Considering this is the entry point for the soul's time travel experience, the siege can only mean one thing: That humanity is carrying out the designs of a very old enemy who has gained some level of control on earth. Humans are at divided and at war, because people have forgotten who they really are.

It is difficult for the logical matrix to understand that dreams are real, a lot more real than the fragmented way we live now. The future is the past, and the past is the future, and both meet perfectly in the now. There is no death and there is no birth, there is experience. Planet earth is a kiva with many doors. I will go into this in more detail in The Master of The Vortex. The many doors of the earth kiva allow the spirit people to enter and leave. The spirit is the eternal dream and physical existence is the short dream.

All your sorrows and all your tears are an experience of the physical dream in which mankind has lost touch with his origins. However, the Ancestors are guiding us from the future and the past. The Ancestors are an aspect of mankind in a state of knowing who they are and why they exist. The current global amnesia is like a bad nightmare. It cannot last and people will waken up, because the nighmare is sewn together out of a cheap material, full of holes and deteriorating fast.

The people who have completely forgotten who they are (have lost their dreams), will start to cry when the cheap, fake material they bought into falls apart. The reality is what it is, and the cheap weave of the cloth is coming apart at the seams. This is a nightmare that cannot last - it has no power - other than the power to deceive. The people who positioned themselves to benefit from selling the cheap material have deceive themselves, by buying into the badly sewn together nightmare. They get 'shares' in the production.

Our true ancestors are guiding us from the future and from the past. As I said, we are those ancestors in other lives - time travellers - the soul is a time traveller. Round about now it is time for the time travellers to waken up.

The comet seed bringing cosmic life to mother earth is the father, and the inter dimensional time portal or chamber is the mother's womb. It is long overdue that the inhabitants of Ea found respect for these non-personal cosmic processes of life. These are dynamics of life, of which we are a part.

The seeding of life is a time travellers journey. We are capable, when we are awake, of connecting to our past and our future. In the larger sense it is one journey. The time traveller comes and goes through the entrances and exits of the great kiva, the earth. Some come from other planets and dimensions. We are a many nations family.

The experiment down here on the earth is that we all live together in peace and harmony. There are enemies of mankind who do not want that to happen. What they want and what they don't want is irrelevant, because what you do makes life what it is on planet earth. You decide whether this experiment is going to work or not. That means you decided: peace of war. Enlightenment or destruction.