Sunday, December 31, 2006

Good Intentions

The thing that struck me most in the, "Day After Roswell" talk given by Phil Corso Jr. is his statement that the military are having problems with Time Travel because they lack 'good pilots'. He said you cannot go messing about in the past or the future, you have to have a good reason to go backwards or forwards in time, and that is why the little clones are being sent back and not human beings.

Did they create the clones to bye-pass this universal law?
It looks like it.
Are they messing up their time-line by doing this?
I would say so.

In the simplest language you have the key to 'the future', and to your own future: Good intentions. Apply the same logic to your own life. If you live by the harmonic law of good intentions you create a special oasis in the midst of chaos.

I noticed people ask the same questions of Astrology as they do of their religions: Will I be a success... will the mission succeed... will I get what I want? And I am saying: It's irrelevant. It is not what Astrology or spiritual guidance was originally used for. This is like taking a screwdriver and trying to use it as a hammer. The wrong use of a tool can be as damaging as having no tool to complete the work.

Our world, the minds of human beings, became completely personalised. The me became the center of existence for the human race. When they eventually figured out that the earth revolves around the sun, they forgot to mention that the me also revolves around the sun... All over the planet you have me-conflicts of interest in which life, the planet, the sun, the solar system and the galaxy all revolve around the me.

Beginning in 2007 all that is going to change, and how you respond to those changes will alter the future. I emphasise the law of 'good-intentions' as an inner force that can change the future of all human beings on this earth. The rules are simple.

When you live for the me and what it wants, you betray your own integrity to manifest these wants. As a result you deceive people, you lie, you cheat and you manipulate just to get what 'I want' - which means you are essentially destroying the future. So, what you have left is a totally damaged environment, a total lack of trust, division, probably conflict and a lack of some essential truth that was lost along the way.

How do you navigate the times ahead?

You navigate using the signs you were given at birth. The stars to navigate are bright enough for you to see in any weather. Those stars are positioned to guide us though good times and through difficult times. Those stars are goodness, honesty, integrity, courage, truth, humanity... and love is the pole star around which this whole concept of life revolves. Using those tools for navigation wisely you come to the basic skill of 'good intentions' and that is very important for people to understand now in their lives.

When Phil Corso Jr. talked about time travel and the basic ground rule of having to have a good reason to go backwards or forwards in time... Well, I apply that consideration to all our lives on this planet and beyond this existence. It certainly would seem to be the case that a society that develops good navigation skills will survive, and a society that develops bad navigation skills probably will not survive. Obviously, personal struggles of I want, division, greed and opposition, wars, fighting, people deceiving each other will create such conflict that the society has no future.

I would imagine that we all have to find a good reason for being here and stay true to that essential plan, because it is a plan and we are all a part of it. That brings us back to the concept that we are born on earth, not as the me around which all life revolves, but as part of that plan. The plan is essentially one of goodness. There you have it right there! The tools of navigation. Navigate in a sea of goodness.

You have to apply the same skills when people around you are failing to live by the simplest universal laws. Maybe you are hurt by the selfish actions of those around you? Maybe people do not respect the most basic laws of human co-operation? It does not matter what everyone else around you is doing! All that matters to you is what you are doing.

It is possible that all the negative behaviour gets swallowed by some future black hole. That they get composted by the Islands of Darkness that are manifesting in order to break down the decaying matter. If you know dark times are ahead, do you join them? Maybe it is a test! Maybe the test is not to join the negativity, but to move on and create a good future using your skills of navigation. The whole Remote Viewing GPS system is in the heart. It is from the heart that you navigate through all kinds of weather and situations.

Yes, it does help if you are aware of this and make a conscious decision to be a 'good pilot'. It helps even more when you live according to those principles and you apply those good intentions in your life. That does not mean you let people walk all over you. It means that you do not live the barbaric life those around you live. Because if this was a good world, we would not have wars. We would not have conflicts. We would find sane ways to balance our differences. We would apply those sane ways in our daily lives.

As I said: Good intentions. Navigate with the heart. Trust the pole star. It's all there. You just have to use it, apply it and live it for the brightness of the diamond to light up your life.

It does not matter if you once forgot who you are. All that really matters is that you remember who you are and you apply the essence of your own power of light intensity to be a light unto others in times of 'darkness'. It is important to understand that the Gauls, the Celtic people, the Vikings and the Picts claimed to be born from the darkness. Why is this so? Well, what is the source of the brightest diamonds? Diamonds and graphite both come from carbon.

Essentially, that is who you are... The BRIGHTEST diamond born out of darkness to light the way ahead. Born of good intentions... You are the star fallen to earth to light the new world. That is the essence of seeing.