Monday, March 19, 2007

A Dream

Imagine you have a "dream" and imagine in that dream you are told that one day you will meet a friend, and write a book. Imagine you are told that your friend is the person you also meet in your dreams .. a time-traveler. And imagine your dreams come true !! And you meet your friend and you write and publish the books together .. and imagine that your dreams are more real than reality .. and that everything you have dreamed is true and real ...

When I was born / appeared on Earth - beacause that is what birth is AN APPEARANCE ;-)
My parents later told me that people (family) said I was a child of the elves... This was a time (not so long ago) when people in the Highlands recalled the ways of the ancestors and the elders, and the families were aware that strange things can happen in this world.

You can see "the future" and be shown "the future" as a GUIDANCE.

We are all children of the cosmic reality .. cosmic imagination! The picture / painting above is my interpretation of the Four Nations: Red, yellow, black and write. The painting did not come from the rational mind .. it came from the mind that paints pictures. And to be who you are you have to dream... to dream awake... and your dreams have to take form in this world now.

I was told that I would meet my friend and that we would write a book .. and this dream took root and manifest in the physical world. But the dream origins took place in the world of dreams and the reflection of that reality appeared in this world...

On earth we are all part of one dream, although we manifest as different forms of that dream.

I discovered something much more important !!

The mystery .. the unknown .. dark energy and the invisible power behind dreams.

I then discovered .. the Impossible Dream ...