Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Greatest Artist

Two friends were sitting having tea together, and looking up at the wondrous snow capped peak of Mount Fuji. It just so happened that they had been talking about the Zen artists of Japan, and the magnificant prints, many of them depicting the most famous mountain in the land. The friend had been looking at some of the works of art hanging on the walls of his young friends home. He wanted to know where he had bought such fine prints, and of the artists. He was astounded to hear that he was, sitting having tea with the living artist, and he exclaimed:

"You surely must be one of the greatest artists of our time!"

Because the prints were magnificent.

The other friend laughed and shook his head. No, he was not the greatest artist! Then he went strangely silent and looked into an intense space. He patiently explained to his friend that his skill was to listen, and the finer he tuned his listening the clearer his vision. It was his skill, to listen so carefully, that he was able to see, hear and understand the infinite design. When he was able to hear the resonance of that mysterious frequency, he was able to mirror it into a form that he could share with this world.

He considered the greatest artist reveals itself in the form of the mountains and the trees, in the windswept skies, in the pine needles and the ocean waves. The two friends were silent. In the distance an eagle called from the mountain high. Clouds drifted. Two women stopped to pick up a cherry blossom from the path. The songs of whales are heard crying in the mountain pines.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Torus - Building Block of All Creation

I was reading about dark photons and dark matter, and I read the statement that the universe is expanding. Well, out of the blue, I suddenly realised how the expanding universe looks to us (from this perspective), and how it looks in reality. From above, so to speak.

The picture on the right is a Torus, and I searched the Internet for ages before I could come up with the right form. Because I did not know what I was looking for other than a donut. From our perspective it would seem that there may have been a "big bang" and that the universe is expoding, moving outward, expanding. In reality the universe is rotating around the Torus.

I seriously doubt that an "explosion" sent the universe into existence. The universe was spurted out of the wormhole (the center of the Torus), moving from spirit energy - which gave birth to physical energy - or physical existence. Something the Celts understood very well, and the motive repeats itself in many different Celtic art forms.

I never really understood what Dan Winter was talking about, in the sense I never really could grasp the fundamental foundation stone of his work - the Holy Grail of Physics. However, as I was researching Dark Photons, Dark Matter and Donuts, I came upon (totally by chance), an article explaining the significance of the Torus, and guess what there was my donut!! Even better, the article was about Dan Winter:

Dr. Dan Burisch: phi and Phi I hope. 1.618 vs. 0618. Look to a genius -- Dan Winter. I have, in my searches

pagemarker: Dr Dan, we research him and you, too.

dondep: Dan Winter? What should we make of him? He is under indictment, isn't he? Not that that matters...

Dr. Dan Burisch: He's an absolute genius!

From this off-the-cuff comment, it seems the inference is that Dan Winter’s either extremely good at what he does - or possibly has seen something which few people have in terms of modern physics or sacred geometry and mathematics.

When Einstein said that space is curved, did he also say he was talking about the Torus?

The vortex as a wormhole

The vortex in Dan Winter’s theory (shaped like a tornado) would appear then to be a wormhole (also in Superstring theory a torus donut is effectively the same as a cup or tube). From this it is easy to see that Dan Winter now theorises this new physics model is largely about wormholes.

In his thinking, the Golden spiral is the path to perfect compression. When wrapped around the shape of a Torus – or donut. (He uses the term ‘embedding’ as a symbol for ‘making’ The centre of the torus donut makes the shape of a pair of vortices eg. a wormhole.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Architects of Our Own Existence

People of the Highlands often have the gift of foresight. Whether they like it or not, they see what is. Maybe one in a hundred will say what they see, and maybe one in a thousand will write what they see.

As a young child I had decided I would create a home for myself in the Highlands, and live like the eagles - out of reach. Nature was my teacher and I would study life at the feet of the masters in the North West Highlands, and as far away from "man" as possible. However, I foresaw that I would travel far from my home, and enter the world of man, a world that is so sick and so far away from who we really are.

The mountains talked with me and as far as they were concerned there was no discussion, no question and no sane alternative. As a young student, I did not see it that way. I thought I could argue some kind of a deal, or use my intelligence to navigate another way into my life. I paid a very high price to become one with the skill you now see me using. I lost the one thing I loved in this world, more than my own life... I knew I had to leave the mountains.

Only when you lose everything and truly have nothing can you begin to live according to your own pure design. Each person is the architect of their own existence, whether they want to face it or not. It is a powerful reality in Native cultures that once we lose everything (death), only then do we really find out who we are. Attachment and dependance are illusions that cloud the vision of our own existence. We will not give up those attachments so easily, and so death comes (in many forms) to help us out.

Once it has transformed you, this death will never leave you. In fact it protects you throughout your entire life. Then comes a day when you realise that you are the mountain and that there really is no other existence.

The difficulty is how you do get others to REALISE this?

Because, if people do not understand the truth of their own existence, our lives will continue down this road of self-destruction. Well, if you look around you the first thing you see is that people really do not want to give things up. They have what they have, and they don't want to lose it.

If I had not suffered the greatest loss, I would not have learned to be able to sit here and write the way I do. But at the end of the day you are simply looking into a mirror - all of life is relationship.

This means if you go into the great forests and you meet an enlightened tree, you do not live the rest of your life under that tree. Because if you are not one with the existence of that tree, living under it wont change much in your life. So, we receive a precious gift and in return we have to give something up. But really in the end, if we are honest all we have to give up is our attachment - ultimately the attachment to ourselves.

Death is interacting with us in its many forms, getting us to give up attachment, the inner workings of it. The eagles gave us the greatest gift any being can bestow on another: Freedom.

In the end it was not the mountains I had to give up, it was the attachment I had formed. The love then forms to embody the true nature of the relationship we have to life. We cannot gather it from others, we can only gather it from within ourselves.

Be True To Yourself

There was once a man living in a large house overlooking the Mediterranian sea, and this man had everything... but at the same time he was deeply unhappy. He consulted all the great experts of the world and no one could figure out why he was so unhappy. In fact as each day went by this man, who was surrounded by beauty, became more and more depressed until the condition became chronic.

A concerned friend, who knew something about Eastern philosophy, asked a great sage from the highest mountains in the world to come and see this man. Unexpectedly the enlightened sage agreed, and he travelled across the world to see what the problem was.

The man who had everything also agreed to this last ditch attempt to save his worsening condition. The sage arrived, and the man proudly showed him all the wonders he had gathered throughout his life. Van Goghs, Picassos, drawings and paintings from Leonardo Da Vinci adorned the adobe like walls, framed only by the giant windows and the blue sunlight of the Mediterranian sea.

The man's house was filled with ancient Greek sculptures, Egyptian artifacts, Chinese manuscripts, Anasazi pottery, and countless fragments of lost civilisations. He took the enlightened sage from one room to the next and told him about each aquisition, its origin and its history. The enlightened sage was very polite, he did not speak, he observed and quietly listened.

Once the man had stopped speaking a heaviness descended, the atmosphere became tense and brooding and his laughter and joy at describing all the wonderful things faded in the gloom of his silence. The enlightened sage nodded his head in understanding and smiled. The man who had everything waited for the sage to speak.

"Yes, I understand." said the sage. "How can you be happy when your home is so bleak, and desolate. Your house is full and rich from other peoples wealth, but I see nothing in your home that is from you."