Sunday, June 18, 2006

Looking Out From Below

ID-2025 looked out into a pale blue sky, hovering above the horizon. The planet was pretty small and compact. The earth seemed to be dwarfed by the large hovering sky, and looking out, it seemed that the pale blue horizon was a perfect place for the soul to hide. If souls can hide.

For a moment, it seemed that the sky would deny thousands of years of human interactions of the surface dwellers below. The earth was a school, a teaching center, a place where dreams could take flight and become reality. Cohesive groups of gathering nations began to transit to the flight training stage. The technology of the pure mind.

It was a cloak the Celtic nations wear, or Tibetan, or Mayan, Native American. A cloak of identity through which they could walk through the dream of nations and into a larger cosmic dream beyond time and space. The earth was a portal, a doorway. The sky mirroring the soul. Which is why they looked to the sky, to see the mirror of reality and find their wings to fly.

The ancient cultures had refused the technology exchange, when it was offered. They prefered the non-technology of the mind, and that was where their direction was focused. Their intense interactions with the invisible realms had taught them differently than the early 20th century view: Technology equals advanced and non-technology equals backward states. The technology exchanges were in the interests of those giving the material to humans, in order to direct them into their frequency and their world. The ancients wanted nothing to do with it and continued to interact with the invisible realms, learning first about the soul and the inner force.

The wars bent the will of the humans to follow the exchange programme by force. Humans did not need it. The enforcers needed it. It was part of their control. The technology limited the humans, conditioned the mind, restricted the intelligence, focused them on dependance and restriction. The group who most desired power were given bigger and better means to kill larger numbers of people. That was the essence of the technology exchange. It was about control. Nothing else.

The tribe of nations were in complete agreement that the technology exchange was not in the interests of overall planetary evolution, and that it barely served the interests of a few. The exchange was not compatible to natural human development. The tribe of nations had always warned it would lead to extinction and an irriversable decay of the organic mind. The tribe of nations could not incarnate into a world devoid of truth. The technology would kill the planet. Bring an end to the human race.