Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Art of Dragon Qi

Art of Qi Dragon
As you see from my drawing I was going to call this post: Taming The Dragon .. or .. Taming The Qi Dragon. I decided for "The Art of Dragon Qi" .. because that is exactly what this is: AN ART! One does not tame - Qi [energy] Dragon without balance.

Everything in Nature is balance and everything in Nature is ART. People who do not understand art may think .. but there are ugly aspects of Nature like death! I once found the skull of a wild boar in the middle of a forest. I was off the trail and walking through the trees and suddenly lying buried in the leaves was a smooth white boar's skull with tusks.

The skull was absolutely smooth and clean. Who knows how long it lay there on the forest floor to be so clean and devoid of matter. That skull was a work of art of Nature. There is nothing ugly about death other than psychological fear.

Everything we do in life requires Dragon Qi .. which is essential sexual life force. Our body structure .. our bones .. immune system .. the blood .. walking and seeing .. listening and paying attention .. sleeping and waking all require sexual life force energy.

I saw this as an artistic form and began to draw what I was seeing .. while at the same time some mysterious force was teaching me deeper understanding of human balance or human imbalance. Let's take the human psyche. Western science think there is something physically wrong when humans have mental / psychological dysfunction of the brain.

Why do I say Western science think the imbalance is physical? Because they treat the imbalance with drugs that are physical and that have physiological effects. But in reality .. the problem is an energy imbalance (electrical) that itself creates physiological symptoms and physical reactions.

I was shown by this mysterious force that all humans on Earth are variations of many kinds of inner electrical energy orbits [Qi] .. and that as a result people experience various patterns of Qi circulation. That very few people are taught or even consider the: Art of Taming Dragon Qi.

Not only are we born with unique inner energy orbits [Dragon Qi] .. but inside our relationship with ourselves and relationship with the incarnate body we influence those energy flows to some extent. It is not really that we influence the Qi Dragon Flow .. but that the Sexual Qi alters its flow in relation to our inner attitude.

Everything in life is inner attitude.

Then I was shown that human thought tells us we can DIRECT sexual life force [Dragon Qi]. All we need to know is how to direct the Qi force and we can direct it! Buddha Mind! You are one with the force *-)

In reality .. the Ancient Masters were MASTERS of Qi BECAUSE they did not DIRECT it!! Zen Mind .. Zen Bones! You do not direct the flow of Qi .. but the flow of Qi directs you .. and all you need is balance! This is so simple and so powerful.

I post this here because Dragon Qi is about the Art of Living.

Taming Bamboo Dragon Qi
In this image you see my bamboo Qi Stick on which I burned a elongated yin yang symbol using a soldering iron. First I have to say that I know how to use a soldering iron.

The most important aspect burning the yin yang symbol onto the bamboo was experiencing the relationship between the Bamboo Dragon Qi and the heat of the soldering iron Dragon Qi... Then add to this my own Dragon Qi in relation to the bamboo and the heat of the soldering iron.

Not only is the surface of the bamboo curved making it difficult to apply pressure and heat at one point and move along the surface of the bamboo .. but bamboo is highly resistant to heat and burning [unlike wood].

Here you have three energy forms interacting: My own Qi energy directing and applying the heat energy and directing the bamboo energy. Together we form a triangle. Recently I am on a secret mission to understand physical form [structure] with energy and balance .. but I wont talk about that yet ...

In burning the yin yang symbol onto the surface of the Bamboo Qi Stick I had to apply the Art of Dragon Qi and I had to TAME the Bamboo Dragon Qi. A subtle but powerful concept / understanding of Mind Relationship and Nature.

I could not use force to tame the Bamboo Dragon Qi ...

If you take a heat and apply it with force to the surface of bamboo .. the smooth surface repels the heat iron with ease. It is not force but gentleness that allows the heat and the outer heat resistant bamboo surface to interact IN BALANCE.

It is the exact same with the inner relationship of a human being with their own body. It is not force that allows the incarnate spirit to enter the mysterious Qi flow relationship within the human body .. it is love that tames Inner Dragon Qi .. and now I am off to play Subway Surfers .. Ha! Ha! Haha!