Friday, August 18, 2006

Where Mountains Touch The Sky

Each one of us carries within us the potential to intimately co-create with nature according to the laws of creation. The vision begins within the individual, and spirals out from there. The seed, the creative growth, is planted by the sacred laws of natural science in the same way the seed of an oak tree is planted in the earth. The ancients planted and tended oak groves, just as they planted and tended the groves of humanity. People today are sadly neglecting their birth right and the inherited vision of truth.

The Borderlands...
Recently, I came across an old circle of fallen stones hidden between houses at the top of a hill. Cold grey blocks of granite, not natural to this area, lay like fallen giants in a forgotten battlefield. All around the stones young and old oak trees were the only witnesses to the once powerful forces that shaped this part of the world. People had forgotten, and the stones no longer whispered. The place was silent.

I placed my hands on the stones and they showed me the future we have created for ourselves. I saw societies devoid of grace, ignorant of nature and living at odds with the natural cycle. I recalled king Theoden in Tolkien's, Lord of The Rings asking: "How did it come to this?" I asked the same. How?

I saw societies fall like dominos, one after the next and some in double rows together, and all of them fell. I saw cities blackened and empty, towns without people, silent and still. I saw villages lying in ruin and nature beginning its regrowth and return. I did not see the causes, because there were so many. The stones gave one reason for all the death and destruction: Man is breaking natures laws.

There was no vengance or retribution, there was only foolishness and heartlessness, a self created self inflicted loss... breaking the inner balance and destroying the outer life force that supports all creatures great and small. Systems without a soul had destroyed the unique intelligence that was needed to save them. No one knew how to rectify the balance, no one was able to look within as our ancestors once did and see their own place in the universe. Advanced forms of technology and the generators needed to run them lay silent.

No one owned the land of our ancestors. You could not buy land. The people were related to nature, to the earth and to cosmos. It was not a buy and sell relationship as it is now. Special areas were set aside, where no one was to build. Those areas were the borders between the world of man and the unknown. Humans could go there and interact with the mysteries on the borders of our world. The giants stones fell silent.

Unseen to the human eye there is a sacred place where the mountains touch the sky. The spirit peoples gather there to decide. The ancestors do not decide in terms of thought, appraisal and judgement. They observe the signs, and they understand the signs. Free will is what is, and commands would interfere with the sacred geometry of free will. So, out of chaos the place where the mountains touch the sky was born, and out of the blue waters within observation came into being.

Sky people who understood the sacred ways of heaven and earth would appear in the mountains-touching-the-sky window. They taught the people intelligent use of free will, and the excellence of being. The beauty of free will is that life is not about doing what you want. The sacred geometry of free will is right action. When the spirit people understood this truth they conveyed it to the people on earth. The only way to understand the free will of right action is to live it.

Many tribes were upset with this, as they thought that they were the masters down here. Many tribes became so upset they went to war to prove that they could do anything they want, and that they are the masters. Temples called government were built to the leaders of the rebellion. These leaders became the new gods on earth, and they sang their own praise as they enslaved the native peoples of the earth.

The spirit people were sad when they saw this, and they gathered at the place where the mountains touch the sky. It was there the spirit people were shown many worlds where people thought they were the masters, and did not understand nor care about their natural place in the order of things. All the worlds the spirit people saw were dead or dying. They gathered together and agreed things looked bleak for the peoples of earth. Then Little Hawk had a dream.

In the blue-worlds-dream Little Hawk saw children of the earth gathering and knowing the ways of sacred harmony. These earth children were happy to serve the greater vision of life, and they were not infected with the dark disease of division and conflict. The children of the earth reminded Little Hawk of the blue aura people and he woke seeing the children of the earth laughing and speaking with the sky people at the place where the mountains touch the sky.

The spirit elders agreed that this would appear to give hope to makind, although they could not see where such a drastic transformation would come from. Then a child appeared before the spirit elders in the sacred circle where the mountains touch the sky. The child was wise and appeared to be the one of many nations. The child wore the colours of the sky people and the colours of the earth people. As the child faded many thousands of children ran across the vision, disappearing into the woods, mountains and forest of earth. The sacred circle where the mountains touched the sky spread across the whole planet. Soon planet earth was filling the window where earth and sky meet. The vision merged with the blue ocean.

On the border lands men and women began to gather. Over many years they took away houses, roads and underground wires. These men and women lovingly restored the areas in ways that respected the natural ways of plants, earth and stone. In a short time the border lands were radiant and filled with mystery and order. A bridge was formed between the unknown and the earth. In these special places, next to the border lands, children were born with rainbow auras. The spirit people saw all this and understood Little Hawk's vision. The children reflected the colours of the earth and sky. The border lands were restored.