Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Small Force BIG Reality

That's funny! Here I am again at 11:11 PM .. I find that very funny *-)

Here we are a very small number of people .. artists .. and apparently a small number of people cannot effect this very large world. Like .. 10 people are "powerless" in a mass world of billions of people. We have no effect on the world .. we have no influence!

As an ARTIST .. let me tell you something!
We do not WANT to have an INFLUENCE on the WORLD ...

To put this in perspective .. we all live on a giant massive Planet orbiting an even more massive Sun. You live on this Planet! Do you feel the pressure? Do you feel the INFLUENCE? Does the Earth pressure you? Do you feel the gravity of the Sun?

Let us take this a step further to the Earth orbiting the Sun moving within the greater orbit [influence] of a Galaxy .. and you live and walk within that smaller and greater system. Do you feel the pressure of the greater Planet Earth orbiting the Sun? Do you feel the Sun moving within the larger Galaxy?

As little as you are .. as a little person in a BIG Universe .. the same forces move through your body as the force moving through the Planet and moving through the Universe! You could say "love" or you could say "compassion" .. it is all the same phenomenon.

What is ART? What is LOVE? What is COMPASSION?

Small Force BIG Reality
Mass is strength... IS MASS STRENGTH ?? If you look at a tree .. western science tells you physical mass is the strength of the tree. Well .. guess what? The Invisible World tells me that space [energy] is the real strength of the tree.

An example of this lies within your own physical body! Where the unseen invisible undetected space between the joints creates strength of the whole physical body. Where space = a work of art of Nature! I wonder if that makes sense?

Western science worships DENSITY...

True ART realises [understands] that density and form are variables of frequency and energy.

The smallest nano-particle supports the largest physical structure! Then they [the Masters] tell me the reason why base density physical structures fall apart and disintegrate during earthquakes. It is because the high energy frequencies have no space to pass through the dense physical mass. As a result the extreme high energy vibrates and "explodes" from within due to the pressure.

In other words: When small cannot support the large physical? Matter disintegrates.

Everything I am describing to you is ART.

Which brings us back to "Small Force BIG Reality" .. and the impossible question is? Which is stronger and which is weaker? Is the small tiny nano-force strong? Is the big dense force strong? Who is the strongest?

Do you really think small / tiny micro nano-particles want to influence you?

Of course they do not want to influence you .. but their orbital Qi can effect you.

The effect of the small on the large is? RELATIONSHIP!

You fall asleep and you have relationship with the sleep / dream dimensions. You waken up and you have relationship with the physical dimensions. In the background you have relationship with the Qi energy dimensions. All working together in a seamless connection where physical reality and energy / spirit are ONE.