Tuesday, November 05, 2013

They Live In The Skies

I had this amazing dream ...
I often have very visual creatve artistic dreams! This one was not so easy to draw in pictograph form... But this drawing gives an artistic overview of form and dimensions.

I woke up in the dream as though this was a completely real world and not just a cerebral dream.

I was living in a futuristic society totally different to the one we have today. I was similar to who I am in this world now .. a spiritually compact female artist with core awareness and creative inner stability.

I was like a time-travel "visitor" to this other world ...

In the dream my current incarnation awareness was allowing me to be who I am here and experience another life. I was standing in some tall futuristic building looking out of very large windows watching an absolutely giant floating platform slowly (very slowly) cross the skies.

These floating platforms are totally normal in that world .. but I (me) got really excited seeing this !! These people live up there in the skies on those floating platforms. There are some ground cities and buildings .. but I got the feeling that most people lived on the floating platforms in the skies.

Visiting Earth ...
In the dream it seemed that people living in the skies visited the Earth cities and would spend some time down on the Planet .. but .. in general .. they prefered to live on the sky platforms.

I think I lived mostly on the giant sky platforms .. but in the dream I could only understand that world by seeing / experiencing the giant floating platforms from the Earth-view.

This may sound very idealistic :-) BUT .. there were no banks .. stocks .. investments and "sitters" making money out of social and International exchange = sharing-trade .. and Earth to platforms trade. People carried out various tasks and programs such as geology .. Earth ecology .. resource sharing and hi-tech programs as well as food and water maintenance etc.

People were very animated and creative .. and there was no money. People shared resources in such a way that there was no need for money or monetary exchange. They had some kind of hi-tech barter or direct exchange.

It was totally amazing and not exaggerated emotional like we have in this world. People were using their brains / minds in a different way on a totally new level. It was very dimensional clear and balanced. Sort of inner energy paradise of the human psyche / mind.

Art is very important in this other world. They understand the higher levels of glyphs and pictograms to convey whole multi-level concepts. People are generally very artistic! Like that geology is "an art" and ecology is "an art" .. sharing and exchange is "an art" and cooking / food is "an art".

This is all very exciting ...

You can be down on the Planet surface doing some kind of rebalancing work and you have this small earpiece and can talk telepathically to people you love on the floating sky platforms through direct-synch.

They do not have electronic stuff built into the organic human body .. because they consider this too intrusive. So, I think these people maybe came through a potential bad and dehumanizing period in their development and evolution.

Just as we humans do not have to make the mistakes of our parents or ancestors .. we now - in this world - do not have to make the mistakes of "the future". So, they come back to warn us and share with us that we can take a different path!

That is how they manifest compassion in action to transform their mistakes and karma. They change the future by altering the past. In their world there is no past .. present and future! There is only The Now!

We communicate with ourselves across the rivers of time.

Inner communication and inner balance is also "an art". I get the impression of ancient Masters who guide humans .. past .. present and future equally! Because for the Masters there is no past and future! There are frequencies and spirit vibrations / soul-signatures growing like universal light-seeds born of intelligence and compassion...