Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Torus - Building Block of All Creation

I was reading about dark photons and dark matter, and I read the statement that the universe is expanding. Well, out of the blue, I suddenly realised how the expanding universe looks to us (from this perspective), and how it looks in reality. From above, so to speak.

The picture on the right is a Torus, and I searched the Internet for ages before I could come up with the right form. Because I did not know what I was looking for other than a donut. From our perspective it would seem that there may have been a "big bang" and that the universe is expoding, moving outward, expanding. In reality the universe is rotating around the Torus.

I seriously doubt that an "explosion" sent the universe into existence. The universe was spurted out of the wormhole (the center of the Torus), moving from spirit energy - which gave birth to physical energy - or physical existence. Something the Celts understood very well, and the motive repeats itself in many different Celtic art forms.

I never really understood what Dan Winter was talking about, in the sense I never really could grasp the fundamental foundation stone of his work - the Holy Grail of Physics. However, as I was researching Dark Photons, Dark Matter and Donuts, I came upon (totally by chance), an article explaining the significance of the Torus, and guess what there was my donut!! Even better, the article was about Dan Winter:

Dr. Dan Burisch: phi and Phi I hope. 1.618 vs. 0618. Look to a genius -- Dan Winter. I have, in my searches

pagemarker: Dr Dan, we research him and you, too.

dondep: Dan Winter? What should we make of him? He is under indictment, isn't he? Not that that matters...

Dr. Dan Burisch: He's an absolute genius!

From this off-the-cuff comment, it seems the inference is that Dan Winter’s either extremely good at what he does - or possibly has seen something which few people have in terms of modern physics or sacred geometry and mathematics.

When Einstein said that space is curved, did he also say he was talking about the Torus?

The vortex as a wormhole

The vortex in Dan Winter’s theory (shaped like a tornado) would appear then to be a wormhole (also in Superstring theory a torus donut is effectively the same as a cup or tube). From this it is easy to see that Dan Winter now theorises this new physics model is largely about wormholes.

In his thinking, the Golden spiral is the path to perfect compression. When wrapped around the shape of a Torus – or donut. (He uses the term ‘embedding’ as a symbol for ‘making’ The centre of the torus donut makes the shape of a pair of vortices eg. a wormhole.