Thursday, November 17, 2005

Particles Of The Infinite Womb

I woke this morning from a dream where I was somewhere in the mountains with a being of great magnitude. I was one of a small group of apprentices of the light. The being was everywhere and yet he was beside us teaching us. He knew our minds, our thoughts and he answered each one. We were robed in light, we were young beings. I could hear the being of great magnitude in gentle dialogue with the other students. At the same time I was using colour to create drawings on the land, which seemed to be my parchment.

A student expressed enjoyment at seeing dogs and men hunting a deer like creature. We students of light seemed to be both touching the land and above it looking down. The student anticipated the death of the creature. The presence said to the student: I don't think you will really enjoy it! The presence sent the life of the student who expressed enjoyment into the hunted animal. All the time I was quiet, loving to draw and make new colours on the land.

The presence sent me down to the hunted animal, I saw that the same lack of compassion expressed by the student was now within the hunted animal, although I doubt the student of light knew anymore who she was. The deer was smaller than usual, a pale almost white colour. It tried to cross the river and then it turned on the hunting dogs. The creature snarled and I saw it had sharp teeth and fangs, but the dogs were able to kill it and I witnessed its death. I had a distinct impression that later the dogs would die, the blood of the strange creature would poison them.

The mountain landscape was serene, but the men, the dogs and the hunted creature were full of fear and that fear brutalised them. The greater presence eluded them. All they knew was survival fueled by aggression and never feeling part of the landscape surrounding them. But all around them was the beauty and the presence of this being of great magnitude.

I woke up. The sky outside looks different today, or maybe it is the sky inside that has changed?